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State Officers
The Indiana FFA State Officer team consists of seven high school graduates who have elected to defer their education for one year to serve Indiana FFA as youth ambassadors. During their year of service, which begins and ends at the annual State Convention, these officers will travel the state presenting seven three-day leadership conferences and speaking to an estimated 14,000 FFA members, supporters and individuals involved in leadership and agriculture.

Indiana FFA State Officer Request      
Thank you for your interest in requesting an Indiana FFA State Officer at your event! The State FFA Officers are excited to serve the organization this year and keep members, supporters and sponsors believing in FFA! 

State Officer Blog
Click the image below to navigate to the Indiana FFA State Officer blog website.

State Officer Evaluation
Have you recently requested an Indiana FFA State Officer to visit your function? Please take a few minutes and provide feedback about their performance! Click the link below. 
2023-24 State Officer Evaluation

State Officer Candidate Links
This year Indiana FFA will select a team of 7 individuals to lead the association. Individuals interested in becoming an Indiana FFA State Officer should explore the materials below. 
2024 State Officer Candidate Application
2024 State Officer Candidate Application Guide

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee is one of the most important groups in the Indiana FFA. This committee consists of 9 individuals:
- 3 FFA seniors,
- 3 Executive Committee Members, and
- 3 Past State Officers.

Nom Com works together to organize the State Officer Candidate interview rounds and carefully determine the 7 lucky individuals who will serve on next year's Indiana FFA State Officer Team.
2024 NomCom Application
2024 NomCom Application Guide

National Officer Candidate
Each year Indiana is able to declare one member as our National Officer Candidate. Any Indiana FFA members is able to apply up to three year following their graduation from high school. Individuals interested in becoming Indiana's next National Officer Candidate should explore the materials below. 
NOC App SAE Scope and FFA Activities
2024 National Officer Candidate Application

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